Appearance: VV woop VV was an old man living in his mother's basement who was 63 at the time. Redish Pink nose, glasses and grey hair at the back of his head. He Dances a lot now.

Story: He was just an old man living in his mother's basement when he was on 77chan and got a computer virus that sucked him into the internet. No one knows his real name but he goes by VV woop VV now. He is a gif of a dancing man in a slightly pix-elated cartoon version of his prior self. VV woop VV sometimes sucks other people into the internet but it never works. These people become memes.

Abilities: Sucking people into the internet.

accidentally turning people into internet memes

Being a dancing gif

How to use memey character: Post a gif of a slightly pix-elated cartoon old man and use any of the following text with it (only one per gif)

Help VV woop VV escape 77chan.

Don't become a meme, spread the word

VV woop VV is trapped. Send help!

Meme factor: 8/10