Appearance Edit

Doesn't really have one. He's invisible and lives in the internet.

Abilities Edit

He has the ability to create any wiki and take down any wiki. He even can manage several wikis at once. He devours the souls of people but sometimes lets them go. Once he has someone's soul they can not access wikia. Its called a global block. When he has your soul you are globally blocked but when he lets it go you can access wikia again. But sometimes he never gives it back and you are forever globally blocked.

Though you can escape it with sockpuppetery. A ritual that is risky but practised around the wiki world.

How to use this memey character Edit

  1. Behave or wiki man will devour your soul
  2. Wiki man is better than any wiki. MMM
  3. Wiki man, wiki man. He can be a dicky man

Meme factor Edit

5/10 so far IGN