Appearance: 2' 4" with razor sharp teeth in the shape of Evil Patrixxx's head. Thick black fur, good for making a coat with Moonman's face on it. Dark aura and red eyes.

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Abilities: To jump in your dreams and absolutely fuck up your brain, Invisibility.

How to be a supr xd troll wit da meme(<sorry that was cancerous): The origin of this creature alone tells you how to use the meme. The following is an excerpt from the "German Book Of Dream Demons." "The old pagan cults of Germany made a entity that would hunt down people that had no purpose, no life, and disposed of them by entering their dreams and terrorizing them until the die of cardiac arrest. They named him 'Der Dinkle Strophen' for 'The Dream Eater'. They would curse people to an encounter with the being by chanting 'Der Dinkle Strophen Hast Fell Upon Thou'."

Memeability: 6/10

This meme is by Hugh Jass 04:57, July 14, 2016 (UTC)